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Any ideas on how to replicate this mushroom lamp? Answered

Just hoping to gather any suggestions on how I might approach making a replica of this lamp for personal use. The wood and the circuit I think I'll be able to find online, but how would I approach molding translucent colored mushrooms with leds apparently embedded inside? I imagine I might be able to pull it off with resin molding, but would I color the resin with a pigment, or would I just paint the color on? And how would I make molds of mushrooms, anyway?

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What about fiber optic cable to transmit the light from the leds inside the wood up the stem to the cap.It would make constructing the mushrooms easier. then you could make the caps out of colored resin, use wax to make the cap mold.

The mushroom heads look like blown glass...but I supose you could substitute it with a balloon, spray painted plastic, or blown glass if you happen to have it. For the stems I'd use pipe cleaners. For the log, though, it looks like petrified wood or something. Use a piece of styrofoam that is the same jaggedy shape and paint it with various shades of brown. Then, insert the lamp and wiring and all that. Hope this helps!

you can use your hot glue gun to make it, make a small mould of the mushroom(the top part) fill it with hot glue add a blue led in the center, for the stem part take some wires(for connection to the led,bendable wire of some sort(coat hanger wire maybe) & heat shrink tubing on the connection wires and the bendable wire(for the support so that the mushroom's would stay errect . For the power supply you can use an old mobile charger(that should work , remember to add resistor's with the led's.
For the details you can use a blue permanent marker(for the top part of the mushroom)
I hope this info was helpfull
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for the mold you can use sugru , hot glue will stick to the mold so you will have to apply some oil to the mold to prevent the mold sticking with the hot glue


5 years ago

If you can sculpt a bit, you can make them by hand from polymorph. You can also add coloring to it. Look it up on Ebay if you don't know where to get it.