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Would a 125 watt volume air pump be powerfull enough to do this trick? Answered

I thought i'd build something like this on the basement floor and thus absorbing as much coolness as it can while the attached air volume pump circulates air through the tubing from and to the livingroom above. The question i have is: Does a volume air pump have enough power to push air into 20 meters of hose? I consider using a compressor but it makes a terrible noise and probably does only a few liters per minute.



9 years ago

This won't be very efficient, unless the air would be moving very slow, amybe through a tank of cool water? What would be more efficent is buying a portable air conditioner, and ducting the exaust hose/hoses to the basement celing, just make sure you have vents to the outside in the basement.

If your tubing is wide enough you'll manage. You need to be shifting the volume of air and at low pressure you need big pipes. If you dispensed with the kit I see above and just pumped air up from the basement do you think that'd do it?