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Any ideas on making a curved plexiglass panel with LED lighting the etching in it? Answered

So, I want to create a 2"-3" wide strip of plexiglass that I would etch and then curve (using to heat to wrap the 2"-3" wide strip around something round, for example a pipe). My question is, if I had an LED source lighting the end of the strip (again, the narrow end) would the etched plexiglass light up all around? See picture here: http://imgur.com/CbnY5us

Is this possible?


It should illuminate no problems acrylic transmits light very well

If you in doubt put several LEDS at the bottom edge of the plastic.


I don't know about plexiglass. At disney California adventure the were selling a bracelet with a soft rubber sort of band. It had LEDs in it which were able to light the whole band.

Do you know, was it lit from the back, side or an end?

I have a dog collar like that. The sylgard is not very bright.


4 years ago

When you bend the plex, make sure it is fully unstressed to avoid hazing.

Consider using a phosphorescent plex with UV light.
I made a very nice pair of etched fairy wings that way.

I have only fiddled, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think that you are going to have trouble lighting up the entire length from one end unless the band is highly highly textured. Also, don't forget to put a reflective backing on the inside.

The picture below is a hot glue experiment with one ultra bright led. (Hot glue is good at diffusing light). Hard to tell from photo, but the light is not even close to even distribution. Have you considered el wire or an led strip? Do let us know what you tried and what worked!


Highly textured wouldn't be an issue, but do you think it would work with LED lights on both ends? Ideally I'd like to do it without the reflective backing. It would work better for the project for it to be translucent. So in conclusion for my unorganized comment, would it be feasible with strip lights at either end and no reflective backing?

Oh, and you want to do a cheap test, the local plastic place has a scrap bin that you might be able to find a clear plastic pipe section that's close to what you need.