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Any ideas on making cheap slalom poles for fitness and sport training ? Answered

Anyone have any ideas of how to make cheap slalom poles for sports training ?

Must be about 1.7m high, for safety reasons

I could just buy them, but at around £3 each, £40 for 12 just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about making their own. 

My initial thoughts are to use 20mm pvc pipe, but not sure of what to use as a ground 'spike' ...


1/2" PVC tubing...do not use a spike or other solid pole , just use the pvc. Remember that they should not provide any serious resistance and if they do come "undone", you don't want to leave a potentially injurious spike sticking out of the snow for the next skiier to poke a hole in their chest...


8 years ago

Slip the piece of pipe over a length of rebar (2' or so, 1' sticking up, 1' buried) pounded into the ground.

Drain pipe or some such, just beat a foot and a half of 2x1 wood in to the ground with a mallet to keep it upright...


8 years ago

I would use 15mm DN, schedule 40 PVC for a little more flexibility. You can form a spike on one end by cutting four tapered slots lengthwise in the pipe and then gently heating the pipe and squeezing the end into a blunt point. Be sure to put an end cap on the exposed end.