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Any ideas on materials/ setup for levitating shoes? All serious responses greatly appreciated.? Answered

I want to make levitating shoes with an old pair I have lying around. i know magnets and electromagnetic fields will not work, so I has thinking of fan propulsion systems like in the hover crafts you can buy. Even getting an inch off the ground would be fantastic. I was wondering what your guys' opinions would be on materials and setup, or if you have done the project successfully what you did and maybe your layout. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks!



3 years ago

jpoopdog are you serious? Look up mag lev the guy on the bottom knows what hes saying. The mythbusters way is the most complicated way to do it.

mythbusters made a hoverboard out of a vacume cleaner motor that could lift adam.

just make two overly sized boots which have a sole with about 50cm2 of surface area, then attach your vacume cleaner pumps to the bottom of the, so that the pumps fill an air pocket full, with holes in the bottom, which will make you float, and be able to literaly skate over smooth surfaces like a puck in an air hockey ring!

itle be hard though getting your giant overly sized boots to levitate you and balance you though. but essentially all you need is one vacume cleaner motor per 40KG for it to work great and allow you to slide and defy gravity and partially defy friction!

I saw that episode, Mythbusters are a good watch :-)
Did you see my pointer to the street magician ?


yes but i think adam72 genuinly wants to levitate, which can sort of be done using the mythbusters method, although it can in theory be compacted down a bit, but otherwise unassisted, rocket propulsion is the only option!

Serious response: As an illusion, fine. As something that actually works, Ain't Gonna Happen; over that small an area it would take a LOT of thrust, and even if you solved that it would be unstable to the point of being dangerous.

Take a look at the bulk involved in working jet packs. Note that they are all careful to lift from ABOVE the center of gravity so they can be flown stably.

If you want a hovercraft, build a hovercraft. That spreads the force enough to be moderately stable, if designed properly. I believe there are several I'bles on that topic.

An electro magnet and an aluminium track is the normal way to levitated a fairly heavy object. The eddy currents set up opposing magnetic fields.

Some kind of hover system might work BUT in a shoe isn't going to have a lot of space/volume to lift a human.

I guess hidden wheels are the closest you might get.

If you don't intend  to be in the shoes maybe, otherwise forget it.



7 years ago

Miss direction a toe hydraulic pump in shoe,
there is a young magic man who has done it on the sidewalk
and for TV