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Any ideas or advice for a Rube Goldberg Device? Answered

I need to construct a "Rube Goldberg apparatus that must incorporate a minimum of 5 different types of the six simple machines, and only one energy input to start the apparatus. It must actually accomplish a task. " My creative abilities are to say the least lacking. Do you have any ideas as to what I can do? Any websites you think would help? The people here are the cleverest on the internet so just share a little bit with me Please :-). Thank you.


There's a lot of awesome ones on YouTube.

Where's the singing?

There should be annoying Japanese twittering going on - de dum da dum SOME thing

On some of them there is a bit of rather quiet music in the background....

Ah, try this version - lots of repeats to fugus', but with the singing - sounds like de dah co dah SWEET cheeks.

I'm somebody here speaks enough Japanese to tell me how wrong I am.

Hmm, either that or "d'apple's what they're eating". LOL

Wow ! There are some REALLY creative Machines in that batch !

I'm guessing there's some sort of national Rube Goldberg Contest in the states?

This is at least the third similar thread:

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Maybe you three ought to get together and collaborate on something?

It is actually just for my physics class. My teacher said it is pretty common project and that I could find stuff online but I can't find anything that gives some sort of directions or give me a step in the right direction. Yeah I'll collaborate as in let them make it for me. (sarcasm) I wish!