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Any jobs for Linux enthusiasts? Answered

I have used Linux for more than 10 years now and I wonder if there is a niche for people like me working with Linux/Unix machines sort of a computer operator.


There are many jobs for Linux experts out there, since the major fraction of the internet is hosted on Linux systems, not microsoft ones. Being an enthusiast is not the same as being an expert in this context though -
Can you configure and debug and keep secure large Apache installations for example ?

Configure / debug DNS servers ?


Yep. There are certainly companies using Linux. But they're looking for expertise -- in Linux/Unix, or in software running on Linux.

Enthusiasm is a good start, but what you need is either the specific skills they're looking for, or evidence that you will quickly develop those skills.

I guess you guys are right! Do you know of any Linux Certification valid in the US at least? That might give me te credentials needed.

"Do you know of any Linux Certification valid in the US at least? " -- What do you mean by "valid"? There are certainly tests out there, but I have no idea which reflect what level of skill... and it's the skill, not the certification, that people would be hiring you for.