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Any of you guys want to learn how to do the Rubik's Cube? Answered

 Well, I recently became addicted to "cubing" all over again.  I have made some instructions for my friends, do any of you guys want me to post instructions?  I have looked around, and none of the other people that have posted instructions on here posted very good instructions.  Also, they kinda suck at it, no offense :)  Most of these people solve in about 2 minutes, my average is under 30 seconds.  If any of you guys wanna learn, just leave me a comment!

Here are some instructions I made for my friends, I will make an ible when I have time:


I would like to learn, although I don't have a good Rubik's Cube. :-P

I think The C III and The F II are the best 3x3's you can get. And Rowe Hessler has gotten a sub-6 second with the F II.

I lost you at "I think".

Dayan Guhong, F- II Are the best!

Wait, that cube doesn't have any stickers!

 It's called a DIY cube.  You assemble it yourself, and you can change the stiffness of the cube to your liking.  Also, this cube has springs in the axle things or whatever, so they allow you to make the next move MUCH sooner.  This is essential in speedcubing, I cant solve in less than a minute without those springs.  I sort of got off-topic :P  Since it is a DIY cube, you put the stickers on by yourself.  This is just in case you want to use custom stickers.  I have these ones called textured tiles, and they add a lot of grip and they last extremely long.  This cube DOES come with stickers, see how it says comes with CUBESMITH sticks?  Here is a link to the tiles that I use:  (It's the first one)

And this is in the knex forum why?

Because I'm a part of the K'nex community and I wanted to ask the people who I'm familiar with.


8 years ago

my average is 10 minutes. taking the cube apart and reassembling it takes awhile. :P


8 years ago

when myy friends dad was like 16, he could do it in 17 seconds and he was on t.v


8 years ago

I've been Cubing for a day. And I can solve it in 1:30.

Is that good?

I replied on your forum topic.  I'm too lazy to type it all out again :P

My average is 1 minute or so. I'm very interested in learning your method if you get 30 sec's though.

 It's actually called the Fridrich method.  You can learn it here until I post.

I'm allright at it, but my friend can do it in under 2 minutes.

 Nice, my average is low 30's high 20's.  ( I mean seconds not minutes :P )

I would really like to know how to do it under 30 seconds, since it takes me an average of 4 minutes :(

its easy, turn the top layer 45 degrees and remove one corner part, continue to dissassemble entire cube, reassemble in solved fashion.

 I dont know what you mean, I read the thing but I have no clue what you are talking about...

Yeah Post them

I've been sort of interested in learning. It's one of those skills that I find kind of pointless and offering limited entertainment but the people at my school are suckers for little things like that. They were impressed enough just with the knot trick I did. I'd be up to learning something else. Now I just gotta find my mini cube...

 lol, cool.  I think I will be posting instructions.

Out of the many puzzles I've done, the hardest one (and the only one I haven't managed to solve once) was the Rubik's cube.  Yeah go post.

 Ok.  I think I probably will.