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Any one can tell me is this circute working or not?? Please Urgent Expert advice equired? Answered

I want to make this 1.5 to 10volt inverter, I tried but it didn't worked.
So I want advice from expert in this that is that circute working or not?
If not what changes should make it work?
Here is the link to schematic
Thank you in advance.


It looks like it should work.  The topology, erm shape, of it looks to be the same as the boost converter, described here.

That transistor, the BC337, is the one switching the current through the main inductor there, and all the other transistors are just there to control when that transistor turns on and off.

I noticed this same circuit is also posted here:
and here:

The description on those pages mention good regulation for a  20 mA load, saying that the circuit gives good regulation when the load is only 20 mA, which is kind of small.  This circuit probably is not able to deliver large amounts of current, or convert large amounts of power.  

If you are overloading this circuit,  trying to draw too much current from it, that might be something preventing it from working.  

Otherwise, I don't know.  Maybe look at it with an oscilloscope to confirm those transistors are actually switching on and off like they should be.

We don't want to see what your trying to make BUT what you HAVE made as it isn't working.

Assume the circuit works - the problem is in the part you have made so we need to see that. Guessing isn't very productive.

Without seeing what you have done it is impossible to guess why it isn't working - A GOOD photograph will help a lot

A description of what is Does do and what isn't happening.

I've given a link of schematic in description