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Any one got any suggestions on good brand of sewing scissors with out paying the earth ? Answered

I would like some all round sewing scissors for mainly fabric cutting, I have been looking on line but some of the prices are a lot more than I want to pay, I would like to keep it bellow Ten GBP if I can but the cheaper in price the better, I have just bought a sewing machine and want to start with bigger projects and I am fed up of using kids scissors or kitchen scissors as they make a mess of my fabric sometimes has anyone got any suggestions.




Best Answer 5 years ago

Fiskars makes a sharpening tool for scissors.
I once bought a cheap-o stainless steel set of five scissors and have used them for nothing other than cloth. (Write 'SEWING ONLY' in sharpie on the blades!!) They cut as well as any of the more expensive shears I have. (I've sewn for decades)
Look at the plastic handle Fiskars at your fabric store. It they are too pricey for you, check the rack for $1.50 or so knock -offs of the same style. DO buy the Fiskars sharpener for all scissors of that style.


5 years ago

My wife says that Gingher's scissors are the best she's ever found. She also says to get the 8-Inch knife edge dressmaker's shears for all purpose use. They run about $15 U.S. which is pretty close to your budget.

Tell your wife to check out Evergreen Art Supply's sewing scissors! They're a bit more around $28 but totally worth it!

Evergreen Art Supply!

By far, I have tried them all, from the common cheap scissors, the standard name brands, and up to the most expensive. I can tell you from experience that they work wonders! The are mi-range price wise, but top notch performance wise.


thanks everyone, my sewing machine comes any day so I am going to buy my scissors now, I looked at all brands,and your answers have helped me a deal I was clueless, :) I love the look of the Gingher scissors but they are a bit pricey more so because on line I can only get them sent from abroad to england and postage bumps the price too much, We have very few shops where I live for sewing stuff so I get everything online, After looking round I am going with the name that cropped up the most in answers, Fiskars, Also well make a point of not using them for anything else. (and hide them from anyone else who might use them for other things unknowingly :) )
Also I am going to look to later get one of those sharpeners they look very handy. :)
Thanks again everyone you have all given me some good suggestions and advise, its really appreciated :)


5 years ago

check your local swap meet or yard sales

Fiskars, they're Swedish I think - I "stole" a pair off a girlfreind ~10 years ago and they still work. I use them for gardening too.


Just get a good pair of sharp scissors and never cut anything but fabric with them. Cutting paper slowing dulls the blades.

Gingher, Mundial, or Kai are about the best but they are a little expensive. Fiskers, or Singer are pretty good quality and reasonably prices. A rotary cutter may also be a good option.


5 years ago

Pinking shears and made for cutting fabric.  They can be found at a lot of stores. Here is one for Walmart,