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Any one know if Philips P87C51SBPN are reprogrammable? Answered

Any one know if Philips P87C51SBPN are re-programmable? I have a bag of used microcontrollers from a company changing their stock, but they all have something written to them.
Was wondering if they were re-programmable and if I could sell them on Ebay as used. I know they are 8-bit microcontrollers. Here is the datasheet.


From the NXP (Philips) website


80C51 8-bit microcontroller family 4 K/8 K OTP/ROM low voltage (2.7 V-5.5 V), low power, high speed (33 MHz), 128/256 B RAM

Thanks. Some how I missed that in the title. Is it me or do the links we try to post act screwy and not take you to the original place you wanted?

It can be pretty screwy for sure. Glad the info helped though !

Thanks for the responses. How can I tell if any are OTP or not? I didn't really see anything in the datasheet about it. I have several different types of chips.
These came from Audio Authority, so I'm assuming they do something audio related...what, exactly I don't know lol.

The part number - particularly the letters at the end - define the function being OTP

You CAN use them with external memory though, if you tie the /EA line low

no, they are OTP devices I'm afraid.