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Any printable plans, templates, blueprints of a fender stratocaster (free) ? Answered


I got some beautiful mahogany wood and  I want to make a strat model out of it. I know there are websites(or forums) out there where you can download the plans but I cant find those sites.

Does any one know were i can download a plan for strat (or maybe send it)

Thnx for your time

(And for re-design I know that you don't like pickguards)




Best Answer 8 years ago

Can use use an Autocad file or dxf  or do you need pdf?  I think I've got a pretty good scaled drawing of a strat.  I don't have it here but on Monday I could send you one.  If you want it PM me your email address and I'll send it Monday from the office.

And I don't know why that one comment bothered you so much.  It was just an opinion that I was expressing about how you or someone could mod their guitar.


8 years ago

There's a very detailed dimensioned drawing posted here.  I had to rename it 'cause an underscore was added by the server.

If was you'd buy a pre-made neck, rather than build one...

Thnx can i print this and make a template of it? i want to build my own neck so i can learn how to fret a neck

Unfortunately that's just the body.  No neck shown.

Well, he's gotta start somewhere. The drawing was easy to find; he can find neck info if he really wants to...

Neck preference is so personal, and the differences so subtle, I think building your own is crazy (although I have done it. ;-) .)

Yea, I would probably go with a pre-made neck, get that first so that when I cut the pocket in the body I knew what I was cutting to.

are the necks custom for the model body?

Check out Warmoth, they have detailed info on necks--they even show the profiles (cross sections), as well as the other dimensions.

It will be difficult to do well, though. And you'll have to buy or fabricate a truss rod assembly, too.