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Any project ideas for a 21 year old unemployed high school graduate? Answered

I have an unemployed 21-year old high school drop-out son, who has been in rehab several times. His dad is letting him stay with us, temporarily, despite my saying I want him out. (Son's room-mate is suddenly all excited about being a Jehovah's Witness -- my son's pagan lifestyle is not jelling well.) Being co-dependent and all, I am trying to find some kind of project to keep him busy and act as "barter for rent". We live in a culture-starved, neighborhood covenants enforcing, Republican or Die, suburban neighborhood. Backyard. Already have a shed -- although it's probably going to need to be replaced sometime. My son is very good at barbecueing. Any ideas?


Thank you all! He can't donate plasma, at least I don't think so. The last job he had he actually asked me to give him some of my pee for, as he puts it, the piss test. I laughed out loud. He was serious. I am co-dependent, but not THAT co-dependent. "Well, so and so's mom did it for him!" "Do I look like "so and so's mom?" Neighborhood barbecue is a good idea. So is lawn work, etc. He does have a car. Thanks for all the great ideas! I really appreciate it!

He could also fix / build / paint fences, actually painting doesn't require a huge investment to start up, and if he's good at it, there is money to be made....

And if you know any one who's getting any work done at there home via a contractor, just stop in a visit and talk to the contractor and ask if they need any help or know of anyone how needs help, you'd be surprised what you get when you ask for it, most contractors know lots of people and usually know who's hiring or short handed and honestly it's not that hard to get someone else a job shoveling ummm Rocks (( its so tempting to say some thing else there )) If even for a few days, once people know he's available to work, and if he does work, they will get him more work... And if they only get him temp work, tell him to talk to all the other contractors on the job sites and see if they are hiring...

And when he finds some thing he likes doing, get him to pursue it and enter that trade and become an Apprentice and then a Journeyman and make some real money.....

He could rebuild your shed, then use that experience to offer simple shed-building services to others - even if it's just erecting flat-packs, a lot of people who want sheds can't afford to have them built, or are maybe unable to erect their own (say, and elderly person wanting a new potting shed).

DOes he have a vehicle? There are a lot of cities with decent pay for paper delivery people. Also, have him run an ad in the paper: "WIll pick up junk cars and scrap metal for free" around here those guys are making 300$ a day recycling. He could also do a mobile car detailing service. About $100 bucks worth of material could get him started. Hey, it's summer. Mowing yards and landscaping can be very profitable in the right neighborhood.

There's also phone book delivering. (they pay people to deliver them, here anyway)

I knew a boy that did that. It was a good short-term gig. He was a recovering addict, etc. At least he got enough money to pay his own way.

Does he have a highschool diploma? Sorry i tried reading this several times. If he is clean you can get him to sell his plasma at those plasma donation places. They pay like $50-80 a week for twice a week donations. Its not much but it could pay for art supplies. Is he good at art? He could do portrates of people and sell them or open up a underground tattoo parlor. Housewives that are too scared to go to a tattoo parlor would call him to do tattoos in their house.

Well, if he's good at barbequeing, a neighborhood cookout might be in order. While plying them with amazing bratwurst, burgers, and ribs, you could casually mention that your son is available for odd jobs. Sounds like he might not be able to hold some steady 9-5 employment, but getting rid of junk for one guy, then the next day changing the oil in another guy's car might work, if he's willing and able to do those things. Other than barbequeing, does he have any skills? Even weird ones. I've been doing odd jobs for a while, including some really weird ones like cleaning out all the detrius in an abandoned warehouse. Can he fix stuff? Is he good at breaking stuff? There are applications in both those fields. Even video-game-playing can be applied towards an income. What does he do in his spare time?