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Any simple crafts for nursing home residents? Answered



i agree with all the previous comments. i work at a nursing home and we do gardening, games, trivia, aerobics, puzzlemaking, crocheting, sewing, collectibles (like collecting something like stamps, cards, ect..), photo albums. There's a lot of stuff. see what your residents are into and suggest something that suites their taste.

Perhaps growing herbs would work well. It'd allow them to be outside, or you could use container gardening. :) They could also decorate picture frames for their rooms. You could get a variety of beads, ribbons, paints, etc. to decorate with. Picture frames are cheap, too! Beading, knitting and crocheting are also low cost projects that can be done on a large scale. But some residents might have issue with motor control due to age or arthritis, so they might need a little help. :)


9 years ago

I would suggest growing tomato stalks, like in high school. it is something the residents can feel resposible for, kind of like a small child, and you could start a community garden.

Dorodango (http://www.dorodango.com/create.html) All you need is dirt and water. It lets the residents get their hands dirty as well