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Any story behind this picture? (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC INJURY) Answered

I was wondering is there anything behind this nasty injury? Any ideas?



Looks like an attack from a large animal (bear, panther?), or a slightly unusual shrapnel wound.

I think it was an attack. In the link I posted for lemonie, if you scroll down to the picture, the headline says "Leg Maul". But there is no story or article :S

what kind of animal attack would only take out a chunk from the middle but not take out that piece at the back of his foot though? I also don't see any teeth marks any where or anything... more likely a flying object from an explosion or something took out that chunk now that I think about it

Like an explosion of a PIG? (reference to your avatar)

that would be one big tasty chunk of bacon...


9 years ago

I'm digging a shrapnel wound as suggested by skunkbait, and Lemonie's examination of the equipment in use may also support this.

Flying piece of metal from a fragmentation-device (an exploded bit of something going fast) L

Upon reflection it would be a surgical facility.


Wow. He must've been... either cannibalistic or crazy if he ate it xD

I can find it dropped elsewhere (in the same sort of "look at this" style) but don't find an original source. However, to look at the background, and the fact that pins have been inserted without obvious antiseptic swabbing, I think this is probably from a military medical facility. L

Well where did you get it from? Post a link to the source? L

I have no problem with it, but there's a thumbnail on the main forum page without a warning. You might want to add a first image as filler for the thumbnail. No idea what caused it exactly but damn that would mess you up for a good few years...

OH CRAP xO I fix this after comment xD Yeah, just looking at that makes me feel lucky that my worst injury was just a broken finger.