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Any suggestions for organizing recipes? Answered

I have a recipe book that is full of recipes that are handwritten and torn from magazines, newspapers, etc. Any ideas for organizing these, and future recipes in a binder of some sort?


I use binders and dividers. Meats in one binder then divide into sections, chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc. Another would have baking, divided to cakes, pies,muffins, breads,cookies, candy. etc. I use plastic page protectors to hold the recipe that I am using to keep it clean. I make notes on the pages as to substitutions, modifications, If I can change anything to make it diabetic friendly.


8 years ago

I am very old-fashioned about this. I use ordinary scrapbooks and paste or write my recipes in. I have done this, because this method has an 'heirloom' quality about it. I want my favourite recipes to be mulled over and enjoyed in their most 'natural' form. I get a great deal of pleasure in leafing through old recipe books, and my mother and grandmothers personal collection of recipes, and reading the comments they sometimes make in the column's between recipes! I want that for my children, and their children.


8 years ago

I would get index cards and write them down and whenever I make something from your recipe book and tie them together. or staple them

I use a utility called AZZ Cardfile for my recipes

It works well for me. Can be used for all sorts of stuff..I also store my poetry and a few other note card type things in separate databases.

I use Google Docs for my recipes. Most of the recipes started as stained, hand scrawled notes. First I scanned them and saved the image as a Google document. Then, as I have time, I re-type all of the information on the recipe, often adding information that didn't make it onto the original card. usually every time I make the recipe I add some notes about how to improve it. The advantage of Google Docs is that they're easy to search and to share with friends and family.

My wife an I do the same thing just with a different piece of software. We also list where we got the recipe and rate it after we've tried it.

Ooh, rating is a very nice feature! I forgot to mention one of the best features of using software: You don't have to worry about getting your recipe dirty! If you do, you can just print a new copy.

I do similar to ookseer. I have a big folder of magazines and cutouts, when I try one and like it I type it up on Microsoft OneNote. And if it's really good I've started putting it on instructables :)