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Any suggestions for colleges to help me advance a career in film/editing? Answered

This is more about my decisions later down the road in life than it is my current interest in editing and filming.  I've been doing some research in colleges that will help me get a major in film and video production and I've narrowed my choices to a few.  I'm not going to list them here, since I want some community input on this and I don't want the response to be biased based on my list. 

What colleges do you think will give me the best, most hands-on, most fun education in this subject, as well as be the best for when it comes to getting a job in the industry?  I can do as much research on this as I need to, but what I think matters to me the most at this point is other people's opinions.  I'm more likely to try or consider something if friends recommend it, and you guys are always a thoughtful community.  Thanks in advance!


USC, no question.

Both are in very good areas but I'm kind of skeptical going that far. If anything I would prefer USC though.

Oh and I've also considered Full sail, I've had friends recommend that to me and say people who go there have had very good careers. Any thoughts?

That list just expanded the amount of colleges on my list lol.