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Any tips for a beginning tree climber? Answered

So lately I have been interested in tree climbing. But I don't have any gear or anything fancy, and I don't plan to. But are their any tips or guides for solo/ unassisted tree climbing?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Have good footwear - stays on firmly & has good grip.
Know what "rotten" looks like.
Don't be a cat: think about coming down as you're going up.
Start with "easy" and work up from there.
Like caitlinsdad taking a bit of rope might be helpful to you.


I've got an idea look out for moss crumbles under your feet and exsposes the trunk and is a son of a gun to try and climb
find a branch thats in arm's reach grab on and put your right foot on bark and keep switching feet i learned this bymyself -_-
Dont hug the tree skimmying up put your feet on either side and do the same with your hands find a point in the bark to hold onto and start shimmying


6 years ago

don't ware any shoes or socks you get more grip

Just remember these simple ideas -1 wear leather, mainly on the inside of your legs and arms. this is simply to avoid scratching. Its not NEEDED( i dont wear much) but make getting the hang of it, pardon the pun, alot more pleasant. -2 if the tree is gonna be out of the way alot, like off a common walkway bring supplies. A hammock, blanket, tarp, bottled water and granola bar can make a horrible damp night into a pleasant night in the woods. -3 if the tree is taller then your comfortable jumping from bring rope. -4 always always test limbs. thin green ones bend alot so its easyish to tell but dead and dried are the sneaky ones. try giving it a firm kick about a foot in a half out. closer can make the branch seam stronger then it is, farther uses leverage and may break a branch off you could easily use. Most of all if its not a thick healthy branch keep you foot next to the tree, even angle your foot so some is on the trunk. -5 know your limit. this can never be overstated -6 as i have been called on a few times to remove cats from trees remember you should be able to climb a tree one handed, if you can the two hands means your in the clear. I dont claim to be a pro at all, but i have spend a larger portion of my life up trees then the normal person. learn from my mistakes

Don't fall.

Have a good health./life insurance plan? I don't know how high you plan on climbing like a 100 ft sequoia or something but shouldn't you at least have some sort of safety sling to keep you to the tree if you get tired and can't go down. Have a cell phone or whistle to get help if needed? I guess you take the same precautions as rock climbing, have a spotter/belay or let someone know where and when to expect you back. Happy climbing.