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Any tips for a perfect portrait session? Answered

I'm a self instructed person and I have a Nikon D70s camera. I would like to take advantage of this equipment, Have no lights, no lenses, no filters, just the camera and I'ld like to learn to use it well.


Use daylight, fill in shadows by reflecting light from pieces of white paper, and try to stick to a fairly uncluttered background.

Otherwise, get in close and either cut the background out of the image altogether, or make sure that it is out of focus.

This is a bit deeper than can be answered quickly in a simple answers session -- the d70 is a nice camera, but you'll need a bit of equipment to take full advantage of it:

Lenses: You can have the best camera in the world, but if you put crappy glass in front of the sensor, you will ALWAYS get crappy shots. Quailty glass will set you back a bit more, but the results are worth it.

Lighting: http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/ is an excellent resource for using FLASHES (strobes) to simulate full lighting. There is more than a lot of information on that site about use of lighting and flash.

Photography in general: Check out ...instructables... in the photography section. There are some GREAT how-tos. Everything from setting up, to composition, shooting, accessories, lighting, editing, and printing are covered here.