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Any tips on some simple fabrication? Answered

I'm trying to plan ahead for October, I work for a haunted hayride. Now my problem is I just purchased a full-face respirator(gas mask) from an Army/Navy Surplus, now I know why it was there. I figured I'd be able to find some accessories on the company website, unfortunately that didn't happen. They've moved on to a different design that makes getting parts for my mask a little difficult(their new design is dual exhalation/single inhalation). My mask is a single exhalation valve(bottom/middle), dual inhalation valve(top/sides) mask, I can attach two filters onto it if I need to. What I want to do is retrofit a hose so that it can screw in to the inhalation valves, where the filters go. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have.



10 years ago

1. I guess if you are modding the mask not for use in a real toxic environment for which the mask is designed for. That means you don't have to worry about an airtight seal and other safety concerns. Wearing any mask is uncomfortable for a long period of time and you want to vent in and out plenty of fresh air to cool you off and to breathe. 2. You could look at various PVC pipe flanges at a better plumbing supply place and get a spare small diameter "shop vac" hose or corrugated flexible black hose for the look. You could place the free end of the hose in some other strap-on box for a wearable "fake filter" inlet or just tuck it into your shirt. You can use a screw type pipe clamp that looks like a metal band or pressure fit the hose on a matching diameter pipe flange. You could even fabricate a "reducing nozzle adapter" with a piece of thick plastic/wood and some epoxy putty. Or get a small funnel to cut and glue on. Paint it to match the mask and attach it to the mask with rivets or polyurethane glue. Good luck.