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Any uses for a hand mixer? Answered

I have recently inherited a powerful hand mixer. ex : images.google.com/images

Making food has never been an interest to me, but I do have interest in the tool's potential. Inside the mixer is a 120V AC current (0.6A @60HZ) motor, along with several gears and the such. 
This absolutely reeks of usefulness.
I would normally already have half a million ideas for this, but problem is, I'm at an inventor's block.

This is where I ask you to come in, instuctables.com.
I want as many ideas for this as possible, I don't care how ridiculous.  Even if its a car that runs on pigsh*t, I won't mind. 

anyway, just food for thought.


ps. if you were one of the the whopping 13 people who viewed my forum topic, yes, this is a repost.
I think my reasoning is pretty dang obvious.

pps. I'm mad about not being able to use bold font anymore... we had something going...


Agree with Re-design- keep it around until it's purpose becomes obvious- don't just hack something cool for the sake of hacking it. 

I carried 25 feet of unique rope around for 30 years and then one day- "POW"- a project the rope was perfect for-  glad I had the rope.

well, I haven't torn it apart, yet, but  I think can be many things with its current design.however, I think it be many, many more things if it were dismantled.

btw, you gave me an idea for a rope rewinder. =)

You said any idea...  To me the counter-rotating spindles seem to be saying, "ball thrower".  Lemme see if I can find you a picture...

Dang... I can't really find a good picture of this. I think my internet-search mojo is failing me today.  Basically what you have is two counter-rotating wheels turning at high speed, with a gap between them slightly smaller than the diameter of the ball.  The ball is feed into the gap, and then it gets violently thrown out the other side.  The attached picture, best I could find, is from a Former U.S. patent for some kind of automatic tennis ball thrower.


Tend to agree with Re-design; I would wait for a project which needs it rather than rushing to use it and wasting that potential usefulness.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you can make it useful as it stands. Paint mixer, perhaps.

No ideas jump right out at me but I really like the idea of having a strong gear motor with several speeds.  Keep it, it may come in very handy someday when you need a strong gear motor with several speeds.