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Any way to fix a wacky shower? Answered

Once every few weeks, the shower decides to alternate between hot and cold water. When it starts to spray cold water, the water flow is reduced first, then a few seconds later, it turns cold. It goes back warm a few seconds later. This has happened several times in the past month. Any solutions?


I suspect that your shower may be a cartridge based system. If your cartridge needs replacing, the symptoms you described sound like a bad or sticky cartridge. If it is a Moen, and I hope it is for you, cal Moen. They replace the cartridges for free "for life"! How do I know? Had the same problem and the same solution fixed it. Hope this helps.


1.) Duct tape fixes everything
2.) Call a plummer
3.) Yell at it and tell it is being a bad shower
4.) Water heater problem?
5.) Don't take a shower


Does this take a single cold water feed or both hot & cold? Is there a water pump in the system? L

I dont know anything about my water system. That is a setback to solving this problem.

OK - is the shower electric - has a light, on-off buttons, temperature control? Or do you just have a big knob controlling the flow and a temperature control? L

Its a pretty old system, and It does have a big old knob controlling flow and temperature. the problems I describe only happen when I take a shower, not a bath.

Sounds like it's mixing hot and cold from your main supplies. If the flow is reduced it would suggest that someone else in the house is taking water out of the same system, causing pressure to drop at the shower. That it turns cold suggests someone is running hot water elsewhere in the house. Domestic cold water tends to be much higher pressure than hot, so you may not notice cold taps being turned on while you're in the shower (it would get hot instead of cold). Fixes: Fit an electric shower (neither cheap or easy) Re-plumb the hot water supply so that the shower is first in line, or gets a separate feed (you don't want to do that either) Check my hot tap theory and if it's true ask people not to do it... L

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Maybe you can take your shower head to the shop... same thing happened to mine we got a new shower head. but its most likely the water system.

Here is the easiest: call the handyman.

If you don't like it then don't take a shower.

Its probably just a appliance of yours turning on or off, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, toilet... They all use hot water, and will take some, which means less for you if you are in the shower at the time.

Sounds like someone is flushing their toilet temporarily dropping the water pressure, and as the water pressure returns, the mixing at your shower/bath manifold is overwhelmed by the return of cold water. The culprit could be the plumbing design of the building you live in; an example could be a bad filter in the supply line, a smaller supply line than the size of the lines in the house/appartment, or build-up of deposits blocking flow somewhere in your pipes.

Is there someone else in the house and did they run the water in the house somewhere else? Was the washer running? A dishwasher? Were you using the hotwater before the shower? It sounds like your waterheater ran out of hotwater, or there's some sort of pressure imbalance.

in every case, nobody was using the water or dishwasher. I did not use the hot water before the shower. idk what happens.

Do you by chance use a water-radiator system? If not, then there's some sort of pressure imbalance. Quite possibly air in the lines.