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Any way to fix delamination? Answered

As you can see from the image, I accidentally ripped off a copper pad on my PCB. This is my first time really soldering anything, so I somewhat expected it, but still... Is there any way to fix it? I can't really seem to find too many solutions. 


It looks like (from the picture posted) that the Pad was not connected at all.
Same as the one just right of it and the lower right one.

If so, and also the same on the other side of the PCB, dont worry. Just leave it like it is...

That's what I was thinking, I just wanted to make sure. It also would be good experience if I ever did it again, which I'm sad to say is probable.

scrape a bit of enamel off the trace on the board. bend the wire to touch it. solder it. if wire lead wont reach the exposed trace, solder an extra bit of wire in.

That's what I always do. Works like a charm every time!


3 years ago

You can buy copper "vias," "rivets," or "through pads"--the type for connecting multi-level circuit boards. Those will work, assuming there isn't something on the other side (you can always remove a little copper on the other side, if you don't want the two sides to connect). You have to be careful setting them by hand, if you don't have a special tool (usually a two part thingie).

I've even used small (tin or brass?) grommets, the type that usually come with a cheap setting tool (they look like pliers). The grommets only work with larger holes, like 3/16''.

One the replacement is set in the hole, just make sure to flow solder from the new pad to the trace...which you carefully cleaned beforehand.

If you want a bit of a lame man's fix:
Get some copper tape, stick over the damaged area (after removing the protective paint on the PCB), cut the excess off.

When all looks good you solder the copper tape to the PCB on the parts pin on it.

Other option if not much current is involved is to use conductive paint, like used to fix the de-fogger on your car's rear window.
Simply remove the paint on the PCB in the area around the ripped part and use the paint for a new connection.
Be aware the pait is quite thick and can be tricky to apply without bridging surrounding contacts.