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Any way to get questions sorted by unaswered AND recent? Answered

Using this link

You get a list of the unanswered questions, but the dates are all mixed up.  Is there anyway to get a list of the unanswered questions sorted by  recent.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I don't think so. I presume you tried the "obvious" of repeating the sort= key with two values. When I tried that a while back, it just ignored one of them. You might do a search of Bug Reports or Feedback; I think one of us reported it.


8 years ago

Not that I've found.

Of course if it isn't recent and it's still unanswered, what that usually means is that the querent didn't bother selecting a best answer rather than that they didn't get an answer. It might be a good thing if the 'Ibles staff went through and cleaned that up, so "unanswered" would be a more useful view.


Answer 8 years ago

Wouldn't it be great if the PTB could institute two different sort parameters, so that "Unanswered" actually means unanswered, and what we currently see as Unanswered would be labeled something more descriptive like "Pending" or "Active"? Of course, allowing multiple stackable sort params would be a major plus too....


Answer 8 years ago


I only intermittently go into the answers section and spend some time answering questions. It is very hard to discern between "dead" questions and still "active" questions. There are 700+ unanswered questions in no particular order, and I fear that as questions drop off the top of the list they are unlikely to ever be answered, due to a lack of visibility to forum members and a lack of interest from the author. Just a couple of idea's;

-a "lifetime" (say 2 months) on a question before the author has to "resubmit" a question and it goes back to the top of the (recent) listings. This process could involve filling out a form rationalising resubmission to deter trolls and spammers.

-change the (unanswered) to sort in time ascending order, with the most recent to the top.

I think the former idea would be harder to implement but would give you a much healthier population, with many "healthy" (i.e. active, maintained) questions and with the "sickly" (I.e. neglected/ignored) questions dropping off the listing in a short amount of time. I think you would also see a jump in the number of answered questions, as people like myself periodically trawl through the questions (which they might be assured are still active) for something to answer.

I have no way to check but I would wager that the vast number of Unanswered questions are;

-over half a year old
-have not had any comments in >2 months
-have received no feedback from the initial author

I think that the community would really benefit from some development in this area. As a programmer myself I can see that it may take a few person-days to implement and a few person weeks to perfect, but I would say that the benefits would be a much improved "questions" system.