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Any way to make any quicktime formatted videos play in Windows Media player or Windows Movie maker? Answered

My iPhone records video in .MOV format, which is only quicktime supported.  This means I can't edit it using Windows Movie maker or play it in Windows media player, however it says there is a codec available for it.  However, google hasn't gotten me any good results.  

Is there really any way to play these types of videos in WMP for free?


a s long as you know the format try SUPER or real player convertor

As of windows 7, windows movie maker natively supports mov files.

But nothing before that, which is a problem since my primary computer runs vista.

I really feel for you :( Short of converting, I'd say its worth the upgrade!

I don't have $200 to upgrade my OS to 7. I'd probably get a new computer or something, or my laptop has windows 7 on it.

can you tell me how to use the alternative?

Download and install Quicktime Player.  Then it should work fine.

If you can't get that to work, you could also download MPEG Streamclip (freeware) and that will allow you to change it to several other types of files such as .dv that should be compatible.

Find a video converter online.

They either require payment or don't work.