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Anybody have any clue how to hook one a wind turbine to help power my home.? Answered

Ive been looking through a bunch of instructables but all the wind turbines only charge batteries. I would deeply enjoy if someone could explain how to attach it to a house on a grid. thanks.



Best Answer 9 years ago

The hookup for your turbine power will attach directly where your house takes power from the grid currently, albeit from your side of the power meter (typically a grey box outside your home with a glass enclosure with a spinning wheel indicating your power usage). What will happen is that your turbine will supply a portion of the power for your home, the grid the rest.

The reason it's important to have the hookup connection after the power meter is that your meter reading will slow down to commensurate with the power you are producing. If you were to take this concept further (and in ideal circumstances) you could actually turn the dial back on the power meter, supplying power to the grid (which your power company should pay you for!) But don't get too excited about receiving a paycheque yet, you would need to generate quite a bit of power to overcome your burden and supply surplus.

Either way, you're going to need a qualified electrician for 2 reasons (unless your municipality is different):
1) to ensure you have everything wired in correctly
2) to notify your electricity provider that you have installed alternative energy components and may produce excess in times of your absence (that way there's no red flags if they ever do have to pay you for the power you've supplied)


8 years ago

There is also another item necessary for "grid tie" use.  You need a synchronous grid tie inverter.  Just type in "grid tie inverter" on ebay and you'll find many of them for sale from 100 dollars on up.  A grid tie inverter senses the sine wave pattern you are receiving from the grid and exactly converts the DC voltage you are putting into the inverter from your wind charger a matching pattern to feed back into the grid.  These inverters auto sense the lack of grid energy and shut down to protect line workers.  They will not work like a standard inverter!  In other words they only produce AC current when AC current is present in the grid so they can sense the sine wave.  No sine wave, no inverter activity.  Many operate from 11-48 volts DC input.  Hope this helps...


9 years ago

You will also need a transfer switch, (usually supplied by the power company) that will automatically disconnect your wind turbine from the grid if the power goes off. This keeps the workers safe if they are working on lines not knowing you are putting power in from your wind turbine.