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Anybody have any ideas on making benches or useful items out of fallen pear tree trunk. Thank you.? Answered

I would really like to make something useful and/or interesting out of a fallen pear tree trunk. I have already had to cut it into two 40-45 inch lengths because it was too heavy to move as a single piece. The pieces are about 12 inches in diameter. Does anybody have any ideas. I don't want to just use it as firewood. Much appreciated.


if you have a lathe you could turn the wood into some cool stuff like a salad bowl, a platter...e.c.t.....

Ask the clerk at your hardware store if they know someone with a portable sawmill. You'd be surprised how often there's one right in your own neighborhood. They'll usually do the job for trade (i.e. some of the resulting wood) or for a small sum of money. In my part of the world, the standard fee is usually a case of beer, a flask of rum, or a larger bottle of spirits.

ripping it lengthwise into boards can yield some usable lumber. Paint the ends with a moisture-sealing paint to prevent cracks - it will cut/sand off later Ripping is a pain in the butt - without a sawmill. We used a chainsaw with a ripping guide. The lumber was then planed into usable planks.