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Anybody interested in a Google Hangout thingamajig tomorrow? Answered

So google has this hangout featured in google++ that I've never used. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this tomorrow morning.

Since we're on the west side of the us that means afternoon or midnight or the next day for everyone else. Anyway, maybe 11am PDT or so?

I also don't know how these start so the beginning will be like those awesome skype calls you have with your mom where you try and tell her where the button is for turning on video. It'll be awesome!


As I type it's 11:43am in the UK.

Have I missed it?

nothing, sorry. A meeting happened all of a sudden. If you want, I'll look into doing it now.

Ha, that was fun, Ed, even if it didn't work at my end...

it was! Would like to do it again with more folks. There's also a public option. It also saves the whole thing to youtube which I don't care for, but nobody will look at that anyway

I just need to give my webcam a smack...

(I suspected that #1 son also chatting online whilst gaming may have slowed down the link, but that doesn't explain why my own video feed froze on my own screen.)

:) I think it actually could - if #1 was hogging your internets with both download and upload (as chatting while gaming suggests) there might have been insufficient bandwidth left for your video to get through at all. (Unless you mean your whole computer screen froze up.)

No, Fungus' video work OK at both ends, but my video froze at both ends...

I just saw this.....my sporadic attendance makes it tough for me to even notice things like this......but I will keep trying :-)

Meh, I wouldn't know where to look - I didn't even watch the teaser videos when they launched the ++ thing.

Give Fungus your email address, he can invite you.

Allegedly, I can do the same, but I broke it a little bit...

Ohh... something is downloading...

Is google++ object oriented?

Long time answering your previous query.

It is the LIDAR facility in Washington.
Which balances the two lasers in a vacuum with tune out notch at the
crystal return mirror resonant frequency and use the corrective drive as
the gravity signal information.

Speaking with my friend, the facility appears to have failed to confirm
Einstein's gravity waves from nearby orbiting dual suns or sun with
black hole.


have you seen a graviton yet? ;-)