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Anybody know how i can get a car under 200 - 100 pounds? Answered

I'm trying to get a car for a project , It will help if it runs , Interior doesn't need to be perfect but i'd like to not do too much welding etc
on the exterir ?



Pounds weight, or pounds money?

Have you considered theft?   I mean if you're contemplating a tear-down-make-over for this car which will significantly alter its appearance, then doing that should, in theory, make it much more difficult for the original owner(s) to locate their car.

Moreover, I think you should steal this car from someone who is already stealing from you, like the local police department.

give me a step by step guide on how to nick the car as it's got central locking and there are no keys

I dunno. In the movies, the cops usually just leave the keys in the ignition, and then the hero steals the car while the cops are distracted by something else.

Not sure if you can tell, but I've never actually tried this, and I haven't really thought it through in detail either.


He is from England so I think you are correct in thinking its pounds currency.
He wants a cheap clunker not a light weight one.

you should go to china.

Buy privately or go to an auction. much depends on what sort of a car and what state you need it to be in. Shouldn't be difficult.

Buy a gokart. They should weigh less than 200 pounds without driver.

Get a front wheel drive and cut it in half.