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Anybody know how long deal extreme shipping takes? Answered

I'm in the US mid-atlantic area. i'm just alittle worried, they just seem to good to be true


My latest item has taken over 4 weeks thus far, and it should be noted that per CS, any order under $16 will not have a tracking number.

my package arrive between 10-21 days..
my first in ten day
and the second wa 21 days

hi there, i don't really know how long it will take for dealextreme's product to arrive. i have no experience with them, do they also offer free shipping? usually at chinabuye, they offer free shipping and the delivery is on time, but i would also like to try dealextreme.

I just placed an order for a couple of flashlights on the 16th of last month. On the 23rd it said shipped via airmail. So is it 7 to 14 days after I placed it or after it's shipped? I live in texas btw...i just pray it's not some scam..

normally takes about a month or couple of weeks.

7 weeks to 15 weeks(dont forget its is from china)

I assume you haven't read their FAQ which includes all of that information.

mine definitely was not within the guidelines of their FAQ - but it was quick enough for me.

I placed an order ~ 200 dollars, 30ish items. Ordered February 20th They shipped about 14-20 days later the bulk of the items (a few not in stock). March 5th March 10th March 19th and April 7th. Those items arrived within another 14 days of their respective shipping dates. It's NOT fast - but you dont get fast good and cheap, only good and cheap :D

No, it's legit. Dealextreme is the best.