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Anybody know how to fix a USB? Answered

I have some Information on this USB all documents that I would like to retrieve. it broke after one week of use & contacting the company was useless (they said just take it back to Wal-Mart and get a new one I couldn't make them understand I had information on it that I wanted!!!!) anyway when I put the USB in the computer its not being detected or it'll say reformat but when I try to reformat it says cannot be formatted. does anybody know of a way I can get the info off of it? I know I can send it to a data recovery shop but the cheapest prices I've been quoted is like 200 figured I should try here first THANKS!



Search the internet for "flash media recovery software".
You might find that a trial / free version does enough of what you need.


Most of those are for recovering images, I need one for documents I only tried Recuva so far no luck I may have to pay the 200 if I can't find a program that work on word documents (=_=) Thanks for the suggestion!!

Best I could think of...
What's worth 200 to ya if it's not incriminating-photographs, a secret-recipe?


Kick*** undelete might do it, but I doubt it. (http://kickassundelete.sourceforge.net/)

This should be a lesson to you. "A backup is worth a thousand geeks!" :)

Oh it has (T-T) now I backup everything with CD and Online! but I saw a YouTube video where they fixed a USB by removing a capacitor and shorting the resistor they got the info off it that way. sadly it was a different brand of USB and that one doesn't look the same on the inside. I was hoping somebody here knew of a way to do that with this one &&& I really didn't think that USB would blow in a week!!!

The problem is that the "USB" as you call it (flash drive) uses flash memory. Flash memory is rather unreliable and somewhat unstable. Some can last for years (I have one 16 gb that I bought for $10 2 years ago, put it through h*** and back, and it still runs great), others are already dead when you buy them (which is rather rare; thankfully).

The shorting the capasitor would only work if the capacitor was "blown." I don't see a "blown" capacitor in your pics, but it's hard for to say what your problem is without seeing it. I used to do data recovery for a living (not what you local geek squad does... I actually worked for the US government), and the one thing I can tell you is that it isn't easy, and probably couldn't be explained online (which is why I don't even try). You say that you found a service for $200, which seems a little too cheap to me. They could probably do it, but it's probably not the safest bet. I will warn you that the more you fool around with it and fail, the more remote your chances of recovering the data intact become. (Especially if you go around trying to short things!) The bottom line comes down to this: How much is that data worth to you? That's how much you should plan on paying to get it back. The more it is worth, the more experienced person you should hire (which costs more money... I charge $5000 just to look at a flash drive in real life). Most people find that it would be nice to get their data back, but not the end of the world if they don't. In that case, the DIY approach with the freeware avalible is a good option. Otherwise the more you try to fool with it first, the more you will spend getting it recovered.

There are a lot of people who are having trouble accessing their usb drives due to software errors / hardware problems.  See if any thing here helps.