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Anybody know how to repair the last name lettering or numbers on the back of a NHL or NFL sweater/jersey? Answered

The names are starting to 'crack' and peel off the backs of my beloved sweaters.  The hockey sweater is something like a cotton blend and the football sweater is, I think, some sort of synthetic blend.  Any ideas are much appreciated. :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Elastomeric (rubberized) masonry/stucco paint. I've used it on some of my son's old sports related clothing and once done, it outlasted the fabric.

Most hardware and paint stores carry it. It sometimes called a roof coating too.

Can't you get numbers and lettering applied to various sports jerseys at the point of purchase? I can remember buying stuff and having numbers put on the back at the store. If they are the ordinary heat applied type, maybe you could just get new lettering applied over the old stuff?


7 years ago

Possibly fabric paints or not very diluted acrylics... much depends on what the original material is, how course the weave is, and how you clean the sweaters. I suggest you take them to a fabric/craft store and talk to the staff there.

Fabric paints is what I'd try. Of course what they probably started as is silkscreen inks, but fabric paints are essentially the same thing in a more convenient quantity.