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Anybody know how to wire up this IR ON/Off Board? Answered

So I bought this 12V IR Control Receiver Board 1 Channel Relay With 2 Key Remote Control here:

Does anybody know how to wire or set one of these up?   It came with no instructions.  I've looked at a couple similar boards and thought I knew how to wire it up, but I am not having any luck.  I can't figure out how to wire up the power and the led light strip I have to get the IR remote to turn on and off.

I thought it was a gate sort of thing where you put the positive and ground on either end for the power and then wire up the ground of the LEDs to the same ground as the power but the positive to the center post.  But using my multimeter I can't see it turning anything on and off.   I used my phone camera to see if the remote is working and it is at least IR blasting, I can see the light.

So does anybody know how to properly wire one of these up?

Ok, the two pin terminal by the LED receiver is the power in.  The connector I was using before was bad.   But still trying to figure out how to turn on/off the strip now.  The gate is working as expected with the left and right always having power but the center and ground only have power when the unit is on.   But it's only getting about 1 volt out when on.   My power source is putting out 12v, 2 amps.   Is that my problem?   I have to say I'm not very good at this yet, and I can't really tell what the numbers on it are telling me.   I thought it could do 12 volts out though.


How is your LED strip controlled? Does it need a digital signal or voltage controlled? The relay may not be providing enough current or voltage to trigger the LED strip you have connected.

Can anyone help with adding a IR relay like the one in the video to an existing PC speaker system. It's a 5.1 set up and plugs into an outlet with a 3.5mm output. The power button is on one of the satellite speakers and I want to use an IR receiver to turn on and off the system. I guess mainly what I want to know is do I need an external power source for the relay or can it work off of the speakers? It also has a knob for volume. Would it be possible to connect that also? I can add pics if needed. Thanks!

Ok, I figured it out last night before going to bed (and it was already midnight, so I didn't come back to delete or update this post.)

It takes two power inputs. The two pins power the IR reciever, and the left and right posts on the back power the thing you are trying to power. So power in on left and right post, the thing you want powered, ground on the same right post as the power in and the positive in the center post. The ir control will flip that gate open and closed.

My problem before was I was only trying one or the other trying to figure it out.

It's difficult to tell what you are doing but the ins and outs should be isolated with the relay doing it's job. Good luck.