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Anybody know of a good way to keep crisp iron lines on polo shirts? Answered

I'd like to make the ones the dry cleaner does but without having to go to the dry cleaner.



Best Answer 9 years ago

In the USMC some guys in my unit would put a line of masking tape on the inside of there trousers and then iron the crease. You 'll have to replace the tape periodically but the creases looked like razors... I wonder if they would work on your shirts...?

You may want to call Men's Warehouse or R.A. Banks they have a process that uses a small line of silicon to create a perma-crease in their suits. If you want to keep the creases forever this maybe a way to go.

You might want to try spray starch or else a bit of sprayed water or a hot enough steam iron to press the fold to make a crisp line.