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Anybody know of a instant screenshot program? Answered

I know there is 'print screen', but this is quite annoying, because you have to manually paste the picture into Power point, then save it as a picture. I would like to know a way so that when I print screen,  the computer automatically saves the picture in My Pictures. Does anyone know of a device/plugin/software that does this? If so, give me a link? 

Much appreciated, Mike.


can try this instant screenshot program, it allows u to preset the output
location n the img will automatically save after captured, besides, which can
also screenshot with hotkey n advanced editor, n u can upload captured o
re-edit image to social media with one-click share. Hope it helps.

That is a m-soft app which always makes one sorry to be involved.

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Hi there, obviously im nt a spammer! n i even dont understand why u recognize me as a spammer?!
I just feel the software really nice since I keep using it for quite a long time even during the period its just free online!!!!!

Thanks for responding.

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use hyper desktop..
the best !

its also automatically upload to imgurl .ready for share.



6 years ago

FireShot. its an app for Google chrome.I suggest you use Google chrome because it is fast and you can have apps and stuff on it.So I just use Fireshot.


6 years ago

You could use Jing, it's not exactly what you meant but it's convenient. It's a desktop icon that stays on top of all your web browsers (ha-ha, don't EVEN say it, DJ) so you can always capture your screen, or a selection.

I've been using printkey since...gads, since forever now I guess...maybe 1990-something...the last installment I think is/was Printkey2000. It's standalone, so no need for a browser.

Aww.... I have to exit my browser first ? :-(
Can it do selections like this ?


Exit browser? why? it runs in the background once fired up. And I don't need to have Firefox running to use it, which imo is a blessing. Firefox has become an unstable program I'd rather avoid whenever possible. The only reason I still have it is for testing purposes while developing web content

Ill look into it ,

And yes, kevin, just for the record, it can do that.


7 years ago

Screen Grab part of Firefox.  See the pic example below...   A

Will it capture certain windows and save the image into a folder?

If your using win 7 you already have a programme loaded called "Snipping tool." You may need to search for it.