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Anyone Interested In Creating A Video Game? Answered

Hello there, I am currently creating a video game with a really good game engine and I need as much support as I can get! I need a story, characters, settings and someone who is willing to learn how to program and code in the basic level. I'm really just looking for people who are passionate about video games and who want to create one. I will later on open up my own video game company here in London (Yes I have the money for that). I also have publishers who will help in making our game get attention. But of course all this happens after the game is created. Any ideas? Anyone that lives in London? Or anyone who wants to join me online to create an amazing game? Thanks!

Send me an email to JamesDuFont@programmer.net



2 years ago

Hi :) I know this is old, but well... Simply, I can tell amazing stories. If you need stories and characters, settings, intricate plots and world building, I can do it. I have done it.

I would love to help make video games in any ways that i can, but I don't have experience in game making, though i am completely willing to learn. And I'm not the greatest artist. I can story board though.

If I can help in any way, I would love to. I just want to tell my stories, and help other people tell there's too :)

Please email me. I can give you any other details you'd like to know about me, or my stories.



2 years ago

hi I don't know if this is still up to talk about but I would love to join in to make this game I've tried to make my own game and continue to try but my headway is stunted by the fact that I work alone due to my last partners lack of work... I promise I'll work almost everyday (what I usually do is around 7 hours a day, 10 sometimes) so I would be more then joyed to help make this game I'm 13 but I'm deeply invested in creating a game not for money or fame but to know that other people could recognize and love my work, I mostly work in blender and gimp for creating scenes but I can do programming as well the extent of what I can do in blender is model, animate, rig, texture, sculpt and more if you want to see what I have done send a message to my email and I'll send a few pieces of my work.

Email: miles1aldridge@gmail.com


5 years ago

Send me an email to JamesDuFont@programmer.net

Hey man, I'm looking to make a game, I really want a team, I have gotten others from my school that said they would help, but it was only like 3-4, didn't feel like it was enough so I told them I'll just wait, I came to school because I'm determined to make this idea I have, I feel it's very original and would be an amazing game. so if you or anyone else is serious let me know.

I came to Full Sail University because I'm determined to make this game no matter what it takes.

To let you know a bout it, it's a 3D mmo. It will have a "Dragon Nest" style to it, but will be the first of its kind, trust me when I say it, it will take a lot of coding (even if it can be created because like I said the first of its kind). I truly believe my idea will change the way games will be made, like wow had so many "look a-likes" when it was created."

My goal is to create just 3 characters and a level, then we can start pitching the idea. If someone is interested let me know.

About me: I'm a Computer Animator, I've modeled a many things, next month in school I will learn more about zbrush (learned things on my own before this class) and also rigging

If interested email me

Email: agentfusion360@yahoo.com

Why do you want to do this?
You haven't got anything that you need (except some money) - do you think this would be a good way to earn money? (It isn't)


You've done this out of order. You should settle on the basis of the story and the mechanics of the game (how it plays: FPS, RPG, RTS, some sort of hybrid, etc) before doing anything technical like picking or building an engine.

You say you are creating a video game but you don't have a story, characters, or a setting, and you need someone to do the coding. What exactly have you done?

Well if I had done all that I wouldn't need anyone? I need someone who is passionate about video games and who also wants to create a game. I am a programmer, I have made models and created smaller games and levels. I need someone to join me into what ever they can provide. I'm looking for as much help as I can get. Game studios don't just have one person doing everything do they now? I need coders, artists, designers, screenwriters... I can do all that by myself but where's the fun? Four hands are quicker...

Sorry, I wasn't telling you to do it alone. I was just pointing out that you want to make a game but it looks like you don't really have anything yet. There are lots of people that are interested in making a game but without some sort direction they probably won't be interested in joining. Mpilchfamily has a good point about having more details. Make a business plan, brainstorm some more detailed plots, make some demo models.

Sounds like you haven't done anything yet and your looking form people to do it all for you.

You probably need to do some more research on starting up your own video game company. Have you even decided what kind of platform you'll be program the games for?

I have decided all of this, but I need help, people to do it all for me? What? Have you been to a game studio before? Or a company in general? There's not just one person doing all the work... The more the merrier...

Then provide more details so you can find the talent your looking for. What platform will the games be targeted at? What kind of programming experience are you looking for? What kind of style do you what to see the game done in? What if any artistic view do you have for the game?

It all depends on who I find, maybe we agree to make a Penguins Vs Chicken game for mobile. Or a serious RPG that we can format for the PS3, PC or 360. Again I want to create a game with someone, make a project that we will take seriously. I am making games on my own, but I decided I wanted to create another one and this time make it with someone else who is serious about gaming as me. I have the money to open up a business here in London and I can't think of anything better than a video game studio, since it has always been my dream. I found a lot of people who want to join me, but they don't sound like they are really serious about this. Someone who wouldn't mind having to read a C++ for dummies book because they are serious about this, or someone who will bring ideas on the table for the game is what I need. With time gather enough people so we can all start concentrating in one department instead of 50% of the work each.

You would be better off looking for people that already have a background in things like graphic design, 3D animation, Coding and writing. If you try to bring in people that have more enthusiasm then experience you'll waste a lot of time and money stumbling through the creative process. Its OK to have some amateurs so long as you have a couple of experienced people who can mentor them. The last thing you want is someone who may be able to program and get things to work in C++ but doesn't have a clue of good programming practices and structure. You don't want to spend months trying to find the one ':' that should be a ';'. Ultimately you will have to make a profit somewhere and your funds can't be unlimited. You also don't want people coming in a taking all your money and you end up with nothing to show for it.