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Anyone else in midterm slump mode? Answered

If so, let's whine about it together. :D I'm ready for the semester to be over. I think I have a little too much on my plate this year. I have to go to a big conference next Friday, and I have so many papers and presentations coming up that I want to scream. The only class I really care about is A & P - and that's making me suffer in my other classes because I'm not studying for them as much. But of course, I'll be procrastinating instead of doing something right now to combat my anxiety. Sort of like this five page statistics midterm that I'm working on right now... which I've had a week to do. It's due at 4:30. :P


Yeah I am, what with this gay polygamist marriage to organise....

Yeesee was supposed to do most of the planning... Oh, but I need to figure it out... are we going to need a rabbi or a priest... or both or something else? I know Yeesee is jewish... Maybe Muffy can do it?

How about a prabbi? I'm not fussed either way, I'm an atheist. I think it'd be awesome to get Muffy in on it. We need to go ring shopping sometime and get a guest list together...

What a coinki-dink! I'm atheist too! Lets just get a rabbi for yeesee... he is very spirtual...

Is he really? He never tells me anything about himself. I learn everything through you guys, hahaha! It looks like he's the odd man out in our little thread hijacking group in regards to religion. :P So have we decided when the wedding is yet? Maybe we could have it at Instructables HQ next summer! :O

:O YEAH! That said I'd need to book a flight *googles prices* Maybe Eric should perform the ceremony. After all, he's a doctor and we need a priest, they're sorta similar....

I've always wanted a springtime wedding... what about March? Or April? I'll be out on one of those... It would be so romantic, up atop the tower... gazing out on the water... Or maybe we could do it on some aquaskipers/kiteboards on the water? Jessy, why are you never on AIM anymore!? I've cried every night you weren't there!

I'm sorry, things have been so crazy between work and school lately, haha. And for the last year and a half I haven't really using any chat programs. It's really hard to remember to sign on now! :P

My MSN Messenger signs me on automatically :D Then I find no-one is online and feel sad D: Yes, I think the tower idea is good, for the honeymoon we could sail to Cuba!

I'd LOVE Cuba!
Jessy, first off, don't use the AIM client -- it sucks. Too many ads/dumb features you'll never use.
Uninstall the AIM thing, and install that.
It should sign on when you turn on the computer, BTW ;-)

you could also talk to whatsisface on msn with pidgin too.

What is needed? A simple reciting of the Sheva Berachot?

Hey Jessy, do you have any suggested formats for a resume when you have an interview with a college representative? I could use all the advice I can get... Included is my school's format... but I think it's kind of bogus... Thanks, -Muff


Sad face. Take time for yourself. Haven't really found anyone caring what my grades were after I graduated, just as long as I had the degree. . . By the way, I live South of Louisville. Near cows. And crickets. It's very relaxing. Ahh just imagine them chirping now . . . That help?

I'm trying to take time for myself, but it is so hard! :P My mom's house sounds very much like the place you're trying to get me to imagine. I'm from western Kentucky and it's beautiful. And how nice it would be to go home right now. I really do need a vacation! I did go home last weekend, but it was so brief that I didn't get much rest. Always so many people to see within 48 hours.

Statics and statistics exams this last week, I got a 94 on the statistics exam , but still don't understand the material. The statics test, sigh, he lobbed us an easy , no partial credit softball for the first question,blew it, got a 75, arrgh. two of my friends scored in the fifties.

Who do you have for statics? If you have questions... feel free to ask --- maybe I'll feel smart again :p And I'm almost ashamed to say.... I haven't taken statistics yet :p I, instead, took 1111C which was later dropped from the required classes list :/ And I took it before they started teaching solid works :/ Just adding insult to injury...

I have Lei Zhao, I just made a stupid mistake, even my friend with the 50 said "You missed that one?!" I'm taking Drown for stats.

Caring for my aging Mom, and my disabled (in several ways) wife, is no picnic either. Especially since we have no children (that would be fairly old by now) to help me out. Work, even on holidays is mandatory....

I know how you feel. I'm in a situation much like yours, really, but with different variables. I work 5 days a week, and I go to school 3 days. I'm a manager at work, which means I'll be doing more overtime than I like to help my team members with their section work. I also have to find the time to do shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry, and take care of my cats and have time to spend with Jason. I feel like I don't have any time to myself most days, and that leads to procrastination which really bites me in the ass later. Or Jason and I feel like we don't get to see eachother because we work opposite schedules, and we end up sacrificing sleep to stay up and talk. I hardly get to go home and see my family, either, which just adds to the stress. Perhaps someone needs to write up a time management instructable...

I can relate, if only from the past: The year I took a "COBOL II programming" course (1982 it was), I spent 7 hours at the school, 9 hours at work, and a half hour traveling in between the three places (Home being the third place). I never want to do that again. That was over 29 years ago and I was younger then LOL.


10 years ago

im in mid term get hit in the face 3 times in one week by three different chris's mode atm

guess i got lucky. no midterm stuff for english, and my other two classes i have finished all of the work for the rest of the month...

.............I............procrastinate..........very badly. I've once waited a whole year do do an end of the year project/report. I ended up doing it in the two days before it was due. Still got an A though, because the teacher was crazy. Seriosly, the teachers in another school that I now go to say that she is crazy.

The end of the year report was assigned the first day of school by the way.


I took a feedback controls test the other day... I walked in feeling good. I remember thinking to myself that I hadn't really thought about circuits with current sources, and I had only looked at voltage sources (like the homework did).... Of course, the test had a circuit with a current source....

I sorta started to solve it, but I had freaked out for a moment and just couldn't come up with the equations necessary to describe the system... So three questions (out of 6 or so) I couldn't even begin to solve correctly :/ What totally sucks - I got an A in my circuits class, I could have written those equations like a champ last semester, but I just didn't review enough :/ At least there's 6 or so tests in that class and I felt good about my transfer function to state space conversion :)

I took a CAD/CAM (really a CAD/FEM) exam... That was nightmarish in it's length.... 2.5 hours! Very tedious -- setting up FEM matrices for rod trusses and membranes by hand (luckily, only 6x6 matrices) and solving some of them.... we were also given a 3d solid and asked to describe (with sketches) how we would model them using I-DEAS -- easy :)

I had a kinematic exam the other week... I did okay to so-so... Now that I know his testing style, I can prepare and make the next step a slam dunk.

Senior Design... We have a conceptual presentation next week (in front of about 150 people or so, no biggie). The following Monday we have a conceptual report due.... Today we worked on some pugh charts and finalized our KTDA...

Tomorrow, I have a kinematic report due (90% done) and Monday I have a CAD/CAM report due (30% done).

All that on top of looking for a engineering related job for experience....

Right now, I'm taking a few hours to not do anything for school.... I've done some reading, browsed a few forums... Ate a hot dog with homemade red sour kraut and tonight I have a lot of banana bread to make (on account of the fact that we got 70 free bananas last weekend - and bananas do one thing great... rot).


Alas, I forgot about 6 hours of feedback homework to do... and maybe 2 or so hours of kinematics homework to do -- due monday... Yikes, and a feedback lab due on monday... Damn, I better get back to school and start coding on MatLab.... arg... Maybe tomorrow so I don't have to ride in the heat and then ride back home in the dark :p

That sounds like a damn fun class, at least in comparison to my classes...
English, French, Western Civ (that's not that bad... but its not something I'm drawn deeply to...), Geometry (all review for me... I was doing this stuff years ago...)

I can't wait 'till college when I can take computer/engineering/electronics courses... theres only a few I can take at my school... but not for a few more years... *sigh* I doubt they'll be anything new, either... considering there's only 1 Computer Science course, which I'm pretty sure includes stuff like circitry... (I can't spell circut for my life)

Argh, gotta go write an essay on who was responsible for Jesus's death... which I can't believe they can teach us in school...

Circuitry! :D I'm taking 13 hours... Public Health Education Methods, Anatomy and Physiology, Biostatistics, Social and Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity... weeeeeeee. :P And it sucks that now that I'm a junior, I have to start networking and attending conferences. I'm going to one next Friday called "Well @ Work" and I have to get all gussied up for it because I'm representing Half Price Books. I have to buy dress clothes. :(

Yikes, wow thats alot of stuff to do....

Hmm... Two classes of assessments to level, four classes of science books to mark, three classes of maths folders to mark. All by Monday. Yet, somehow, I'll still find time to spend here...

Eek! At least you have time over the weekend... though that is a rather boring way to spend your weekend. :P

And drag their sons to school to live with them and grade papers for them...my mom teaches sixth grade math. I spent an hour and a half yesterday grading papers and preparing homework assignments. DULL.

Um...... try College Application/6 AP course/Advanced Research Slump mode?

Wow... I'm glad we only have 4 classes at any one time... we switch 4 times a year... Yay less homework!

I just realized that my teacher might have given me some of the answers to part 2. YAY! That's the only part I haven't finished yet because I haven't quite mastered curve proportions and z-scores...

I get 3rd-term slump, not midterm slump... we don't really do midterms...
Although I do procrastinate a lot... I'm supposed to be writing a 3 page essay that I've known about for 2 weeks... lets write the first sentence, shall we? :P