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Anyone ever make a canoe cart that they'd like to make into an instructable? Answered

I'm picking up my first canoe on Saturday and I'd like to make a canoe cart for it. I'm thinking small kids sized bike tires and a capacity of 150lbs would be good. The canoe weighs 66lbs and my camping and canoe gear would be a little less then 150lbs. I'm hoping to be able to take this on camping trips in excess of 4 miles on occasion. Jason


I used an old bike trailer frame and built it up with 2x4's.  It works awesome on roads and paved pathways.  I tow it behind my bike.  If you want I can take a picture and post it.


You should post the pics anyway. Even if its not quite what I'm looking for me or someone else might be able to get some ideas from the design. The paths I go on around here can sometimes climb 500 to 1,000 feet in a mile and the "paths" are ruts from a few thousands years of indians, hikers, hunters, explorers and such. Rocks, roots, mud holes and blow downs are quite common and in places the trail can be less then a foot wide between rocks. Jason

I will post a slideshow of it when the snow melts.  It's in storage for winter right now.

Thanx for the replies. It is strictly for portaging. The most weight that would be on the tire would be the 66lbs that the canoe weighs. Jason

I just looked at the link. Its a cool idea but there's no ground clearance. The larger bike tires would get you over some big rocks, roots, logs and through some deeper mud. I've read about a single wheel canoe cart that's perfect for getting around obstacles and I'm going to attempt to make one with a buddies help. I'll try to turn it into a decent instructable. Jason

Have you seen this bilingual project?

If the PVC is not to your taste, or to strength requirements, you could use steel tube or bamboo instead.

I may be wrong, but I think you'll need a bit more than kiddie tires, unless you mean a portage tool, rather than something you drag along behind your vehicle.

If portage-style...neato idea