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Anyone ever make an rs232 cable for a Fanuc system T6? Answered

I've done some on older GE 1050's and I couldn't use a plain old null modem cable because GE reversed two lines so you had to buy from them. I didn't, I changed the two on port and used a regular cable.  Now I have this old Fanuc that I have to get comms on and I have absolutely no literature.  Anyone ever done this on a fanuc system 6?



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I found this which (though not mentioning any model numbers) gives a lot of serial comm. information: http://www.memex.ca/docs/Fanuc_Serial_Communications_Information.pdf

Sorry to reply to myself, i was a bit fast and it seems the is some more information on their site: http://www.memex.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6&Itemid=10

Thanks! You guys are awesome. This is almost too easy. I have to make sure I look for myself before asking here.

I'm glad you got some help. Since you caught mh76dk on "a good day", may I suggest that you give him "best answer" if your question has in fact been answered?

That way it also shows up as "answered" on the main page.

Don't worry. I have no life so catch me on a bad day and I will go on a tirade about how people newer search things before asking, catch me on a good day and I will spend a few hours looking :-)

They seem to have pretty thorough documentation so I hope some of it applies to your particular model

Just thought I'd update this. I did get it going the next day with a standard (home made) 9-25 pin null modem cable. That old machine is so slooowwww. I hit transmit then take a nap. Thanks again everyone for all of your help.

Whatcha got for a connector ?
DB25 ? or a weird Amphenol like my Hurco KM3?

Fanuc usually played nice, with a DB25 and the standard pins. RX/TX, RTS/CTS, could be null-modem or straight through - suck it and see.


It would certainly be nice to do an easy one for a change. Know anything about changing parameters on one that old? I've done an 0i and all I had to do was E-stop it to write parameters. That's what I'm going to try. Thanks all for the info.

I've got a load of 6T parts, for a reasonable price, if you need spares - pulled from a "known good" machine we broke up. Broke my heart.

I MAY be able to find the manuals...


I just realized that my question makes it sound like it's my lathe. It's not. It belongs to a friend of mine. I've been training him and doing his programming so I guess I've become kind of possessive :)

Don't sweat it, I'll get it figured out. I will however be sure to remember you when something breaks. Talk about a broken heart. A place I left last year has a kitamura mycenter1 that wouldn't start up one day. I traced it to the logic power supply not working. An oem replacement is big dollars and they are on their ass so they couldn't buy one. I found a generic from digi-key or one of those for like 100 bucks. Management politics being what they are it was decided I couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about because the resident genius doesn't know electronics. What breaks my heart is that I can't come up with a couple grand to buy it and a couple more to move it. It's still just sitting there. If it wasn't for this damn heart attack problem I keep having I would have the money.

Sorry, missed the first part of your reply. 25 on the machine and 9 0n my pc. I'm going for the null first, since I have cable for that. If not then I'll have to buy some cable for full handshake.