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Anyone ever read this book? "Boys Handy Guide" (?) Answered

I used to have a book, from about the 1920's, which I believe was called something like "The Handy Book for Boys" or "The Boys handy Guide" or something similar. It was a HUGE book, with illustrations, on how a boy could make just about anything - from building a raft, or a rowboat or a sailboat, to making root beer, fireworks, forts, aquariums, aviaries, traps, bows and arrows, games to play, how to whittle - it was a most amazing book, and of course, I lost my copy. So when this new book came out: "The Dangerous Book for Boys", everyone & myself included, got all excited about it, but it seems to be a pale imitation of what I used to have. the one thing I do remember about that old book, was it made a lot of assumptions about being able to easily acquire things that I would have no idea how to go about today - chemicals and glazier's leading and such, but I sure wish I could find another copy of that book. I bet it would be a great resource for creating new instructables or getting ideas - anyone else out there know about this book, or where to get myself another one? It seems like perfect reading material for this website! Some other things I remember; I remember the book being red, and being printed in England - it made a lot of references to the United States and had a very "English" writing style and wording. Ah-Hah! thank you Tool Using Animal - your perseverance has paid off for me. If anyone is at all interested in these books - look at the links in the comments below for a Project Gutenberg copy of the Boy Mechanic and a PDF version of The American Boys Handy Book from Google - both great resources for How-To's for all ages. Especially check out the illustrations for the boy-sized glider inside the Boy mechanic book - can you imagine allowing a kid to do something like that nowadays? Think of the lawsuits!!! :-)


I Have a copy somewhere in the depths of the bookcase or possibly down in the container... I remember picking it up and being impressed with it...

I did just find the semi sequel but haven't found the original yet... Dangerous book for boys is pretty damn poor in comparison...

Really? if dangerous book for boys pales in comparison to the afore mentioned book.... ( googles nearest book store and grabs car keys)

I know a book like that that is called, The Dangerous Book for Boys.

dangerous book for boys.jpg

I have that book it is an amazing pice of what we used to be back when boys were boys and not addicted to video games and computers (I know I am a a recovering hypocrite) it truly is a book to be cherished and held onto

I've read that book, it's amazing =]
very good stuff with detailed pictures / text.
I highly recommend it to anyone!
(yes I am female.. )

Yep! I also have the Daring Book for Girls!

It's a great book, every Real boy should do the stuff in the book.


You know what? I was convinced that this was NOT the book I was looking for, but now, looking at the pictures, I realize that in truth, it IS the book I wanted, whether I realized it or not. The book I was looking for WAS printed in England, but now I realize I actually had two different books, the American Boys Handy Book and an English equivalent - that was much more worn and much less readable. thank you so much for the help - I don't see how you found it, when i looked for it on Google, but there you go!

its called the boy mechanic


8 years ago


Sorry, No. That book, while great, is actually only a few years old. The one I am looking for is probably closer to 100 years old. Tool Using Animal found me one that is similar, Called the The Boy Mechanic, created by Mechanics Illustrated, which is similar, but is made up of individual articles. The book i am looking for is English (British)