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Anyone familiar with the game DNF, or Duke Nukem Forever? Answered

I have just recently bought the game Duke Nukem Forever for my sony PS3 , and was wondering if anyone else besides me knows about the game,or has the game in their possession. If so, I'd like to know your comments,thoughts,likes,dislikes,or opinions you may have about the game. Personally I love the game and its concept,and have been a major fan of the game series since I was 5. If you guys have anything you'd like to say about the game, feel free to speak your mind as long as you're positive and constructive.

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I have played the first Duke Nukem game on one of the early consoles and it was an alright game, there were quite a few crude remarks in the game though.

I have not played Forever but my brother has and he said it was a very bad game, many reveiwers gave the game 4/10 and it is ine of the rudest and crudest gamesout there but you should try it yourself to see if you like it!

ps my PS3 name is LogTrotter

Ooh! I almost forgot(lol, usually happens with me a lot). My PS3 username is S1n1ster Urge

Thanks for being honest! Yeah, I heard a lot of people didn't like DNF too much, so I agree they could've done better with the game. When I first played DNF, I was playing a rented copy from Redbox, and I absolutely loved it.I own the game now. The only thing I didn't like about the game, was the fact that 3d Realms didn't include the Lunar Assault Overlord as one of the bosses in the game. They put Cycloid and the others in there, just not the Overlord, which is kind of sad because the Overlord was one of my favorite bosses in the original Duke Nukem games, because you'd always have to be on the move because he'd keep launching missiles from his shoulders at you. And if he didn't do that, he'd start chasing you. I remember him as one of the scariest alien bosses I'd ever seen in the early Duke Nukem games besides the Protector Drones, they were scary and annoying. They'd always be hiding around corners waiting to catch you by surprise, that always scared the living crap out of me when they did that.And they'd attack by clawing at you or spitting shrink rays at you so they could try and step on you when you're 6" tall in early games like Duke Nukem 64.

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