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Anyone getting MW:R for wii? Answered

Hey yeah I could have probably put this in a better category but about the only people I care about adding are people from the K'nex section. So is anyone getting Modern Warfare Reflex? I gotta send my wii in for repair which kind of sucks seeing how I know I won't get it back until way after Reflex comes out (though I'll probably be hanging out at my friend's and sister's playing MW2 on their Xboxes) so don't expect an FC anytime soon.
I did awesome in WaW. My starting account had about a 1.4 K/D and I never played an online FPS for wii before. My main account after that has a 2.23 and rising. I haven't used it much since starting to snipe and shotgun. My sniping account has an even 2.0 I think last time I checked. I started a shotgunning account right before my wii broke but I don't remember my K/D. I know it was at least over 1.5 and maybe over 2.0. And then I made another account for lolz to see how high I could get my K/D and had somewhere in the 7.0 range. So yeah point is it would be beneficial to add me =P



Damn I feel left out.  I would get something like this, but I don't have any next gen consoles.

I would if I had 250 bucks.  My local walmart had 5 shelves full of wiis.  I knew they were for real because there were so many on the shelves, and they had security tag thingys around them.

They should only be 200 now I think.

Nope, but I'm getting Assassins Creed 2 next week!


8 years ago

i might be getting it...

I'm just gonna stick with WaW for now on PS3 but i might get MW2 when the price comes down.

MW2 on Xbox 360.  I'm going down for the midnight launch.

Aw... I'm getting Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3. :-D

Wii? Don't you think it would kinda suck on wii? Anyways....I'm getting it for PC. They sorta ruined it for PC though...no dedicated servers, no modding..But they made up for that by giving the option for customizable killstreaks.

u mean modern warfare 2? (i thought it only came out for the xbox and ps3!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!???!??!?!!!!?!?!?!!!!l!!?!?!???!!!!?!!!!!!!!??) can u find the difference? :D

Modern Warfare: Reflex is (prepare to laugh but not at me) a port of the original CoD4 for Wii seeing how IW thinks the wii isn't worthy of fair treatment.