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Anyone got an idea for a simple GPS tracker please Answered

A friend of mine  lives out in the countryside (about 25+ miles away from the nearest village). His dog occassionally goes off on the trail of Deer etc. Normally it stays around the farm but every now and then off it goes when we are all working and not keeping an eye on it.

I was wondering if there is a simple/robust GPS tracker that could be attached to the dogs collar (a bit like the dog tag metal disks that are available to put the owners name and address on)? My idea is that the owner could look on his PC or mobile phone to see whereabouts the dog has got to and then go and get her.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be very much appreciated,


Look in hunting supply under radio collar. They are made for hunting dogs that like to run far.

This is just the thing I was originally thinking of but couldn't find which is why I was asking about GPS.
Thank you very much,

Thank you both for such quick and helpful replies.

I'll make sure the dog has as many parental controls as we can provide although it was the lack of this that causes the problem in the first place.

I've also found a pet GPS on a web site at

Once again thank you and the dog says Woof! :)

If you want it to broadcast the pet's location, it will need a mobile phone type contract.

Eg: http://www.loc8tor.com/uk/loc8tor-pet-gps.html

Also, don't get the expensive data plan and use the parental controls to ensure the pet doesn't ring up a huge bill with the gaming apps. The dog tweeted "I've gone on holiday."