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Anyone got any tips for a baby fence? Answered

I'm wondering if anyone has any idas on how I could make a cheap, portable baby yard style fence. For those who don't know, I'm talking about a 2.5'ish foot fence that can circle around and attatch to itself, essentially trapping your kid in an area. The commercial ones tend to cost 50 and up if you hope to give the kid a decent amount of area. I'm just wondering if anyone here has come up with a solution, or has an idea in their head that make work. Thanks, Tony


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Here is what you should do.

Make four PVC rectangles that are 5' wide, and 3' tall (or measure a small trunk and fit those measurements)

Now, make 4 PVC rectangles that are just smaller enough that the can fit inside the other four squares (so you have 8 pieces that take the space of four)

Using PVC that is ever-so-slightly larger in diameter than the rest, make hinges by heat gluing two sections of pipe 2' long, and inserting the edges of each square inside them. Now you can fold it up into itself just by taking off one hinge.

Then you need to get a cotton roll, wrap each square, collating horizontally wrapped and vertically wrapped. Finally wrap in the same manner with fabric.

Be sure to sew it tight, and you have yourself a fine day.

Thanks guys. Rishnai, the idea would be mobility. Our yard is fenced, but lets say I take my family out to a park to BBQ, and don't want him anywhere near a hot iron BBQ pit....

Ah, I get it. Yeah, my idea is a little cumbersome. Maybe fence off the barbeque instead with your chosen fence since the area'd be smaller?

. How about a combination of just about everyone elses' ideas? . Make some frames out of 1" or 1.5" PVC pipe and use zip-ties to hold some kind of netting in the frames (or "stitch" it in with twine - zip-ties can get expensive after a while). Use Velcro straps to hold one frame to another. . You should be able to make ~6' long panels if you will add a support in the middle. Ie, two 3' frames with a common side (use tees). Adjust dimensions to fit in your car.

PS: If you do use zip-ties, be aware that the cut end can be amazingly sharp.

How about those green plastic rolls of fencing like they use at construction sites? They sell them in the garden section at lowes...

Look at the mongolkian yurt 'ibles, seem the walls are mad of that type of fence...

i think plastic ladice hinged together with a clousure on one side would be the most portable of course frame the ladice with plywood to make it child friendly

Hmm, many "cheap" materials will end up being dangerous (chicken wire, white washed wood, etc). You are essentially looking for an over large playpen without a floor :-) Oh, an I would also rule out using the "invisible fence" too, that would just traumatize the little bumpkins (sorry for that last bit of levity...I couldn't resist). Let me think on it further....maybe someone else will come up with something in the mean time :-)

If segmented picket type fence could be created with pointed "stakes" built in (so they could be pushed into the soil where ever they were needed) AND have them interlock with a pin and socket set up (like a door hinge for instance), each piece having a socket on one end and set of pins on the other and once the circle is complete, the last two pieces would "interlock" and get pushed into the soil. A sturdy but mobile unit.

You can use that construction fencing(orange plastic netting) that comes in big rolls or cut apart a tarp for your fencing material or use a roll of fabric window-screen material. Use zip-ties to tie that off to your PVC pipe or wood frames or just PVC pipe stanchions that are weighed down with a lifting weight, bag or sand or pushed in the ground. Get a grommet kit to reinforce the tie-holes in the fence fabric. Make sure what you build is kid-proof so that the head or limbs cannot be tangled in the open spaces.

You could just put up a normal fence around your yard and let the kid run around... I never really understood the "baby leashes" or fences, but I'll give it a go. I would use PVC, but the fittings would get awful expensive in a hurry. Perhaps make an oversized door hinge out of two sizes of pipe to use to connect each section of fence that you've built (small enough spaces that the kid can't fit his head through). If you miter and PVC glue the pipes directly together, you shouldn't need any fittings, reducing the cost considerably. Then you can have individual sections of fence that you set up and put your uber-hingepins in the uber-hinges in any shape you please. Since PVC pipe itself is dirt cheap, it shouldn't cost too much. Of course if you're like me, you'll need three people to get all that home: one to drive and two to hold the lengths of pipe along the side of the car like you're jousting.

Large plastic sheet wrapped around pvc pipes?