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Anyone have a good/inexpensive source for small braided nylon, 1.4mm or similar? Answered

 Anyone have a good/inexpensive source for small braided nylon, 1.4mm or similar? I am learning to make nets and can't find a source for decent small cord close to me and the cord that I do have is really slick and a beast to try to work with.


Don't know if you still need this or not but I work for a company that disposes of 1.4 mm cord due to color changes.  I have several cases and I have considered putting them on ebay.   Not hawking goods here but if I think there is a market I will put up for sale.  I just hated to see it thrown away. 

I don't know if you are having to pay anything for the cord since it is being thrown out, but you could easily sell it and WAY under cut anything being sold elsewhere.

You might try visiting the Knot Heads World Wide website/forums.  Lots of folks there use smaller diameter cord for knot projects and may be interested in what you have.

I've bought and used braided nylon trot line/mini blind type string/cord for knot work, from ebay seller 'mowfugger'.  Long lengths on spools, and figuring total cost with shipping, you get a decent price per foot of cord.

I've heard that the mini blind type cord is pretty slippery, is that true for the stuff from the link? 

I've used the 0.9mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.4mm versions of the braided nylon cord on many knotting projects and it's worked fine for me.  I've not found it to be slippery where knots would come untied on their own.  The thinner a line is, there's less surface area to grip, so in that sense it may be 'slippery' compared to a larger diameter cord.

I think the cord would be great for making nets and hammocks.

The darker colors don't hold the dye very well though, so they can end up with a faded look, but that doesn't affect the strength/utility of the cord.

 Thanks a ton! I have been working on some netting and trying to use the twisted nylon catfish trot line, the neon orange or yellow that is sold at wally-world. It is the most slippery cord I have ever used, I can't get the base knots to stay and even if I double the sheet bends in the mesh they still won't stay together. That is what made me ask about the braided small stuff. Thanks again.