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Anyone have a resource to buy one (not 10,000) Sefuse SF214E thermal cutoff? Answered

My Mr. Coffee didn't work when I turned it on this morning (so you can guess how desperate I am!). I opened the bottom and found that one of the two thermal-cutoff fuses had blown.

I need to find a Sefuse SF214E (from NEC). Neither DigiKey nor Jameco have heard of it, and the various "buy it" links Google throws at me are for OEM lots of 10,000.

I'd like to just replace it, so if someone has a supplier they know carries it, I would be most grateful.

If anyone has done (or tried) this themselves, and has advice either for or against it, that would be welcome.



Best Answer 9 years ago

you should tell us what temperature it cuts off at so we can find a specific one. i googled "thermal cutoff" and found this http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/17-100&CAWELAID=220210967 . You can order just one from this website. Thermal cutoffs are in a lot of things if you've got something lying around you can scrap. They're in hair dryers and vacuums and things that heat up.

For the record, I did a bit more research (I used "coffee maker fuse" and found several people with this situation, from all different brands). One person claimed they got a replacement fuse at RadioShack. Couldn't find jack all on the Web site, so I went to my local store. They did, in fact, have a thermal-cutoff fuse rated for 226C (the blown one is 216C), which cost me $1.84 including tax. So now I get to replace the blown one and see (c.f. Lemonie) whether there's an underlying fault.

Ebay has them. 10 for $2.50

you can always go to a dollar gen store and get a cheap $10 pot and you will have two new ones in the bottom. May be cheaper than buying a new one which is what I'm trying to do right now.

I have the same problem- Fry's has the fuse I needed (216C)

I chose Fry's because it's local and didn't want to spend another coffee-less morning.

The cheapest place to buy it seems to be DigiKey.  I just ordered one as suggested by ddw_az.  The DigiKey part lools like a good match to me.  I paid $ 0.96 for the part and $ 2.41 for shipping by USPS First Class Mail.  I have a Delonghi DCF212T and it has two thermal fuses in series that are mounted in thermal sleeves clipped to and on the heating coil.  Just one of the thermal fuses was blown open and I see a low resistance on the heating coil itself, so hopefully the only problem is the blown thermal fuse. 

I would just bypass it or fit a different fuse (but that's me). For a factory-produced machine I seriously doubt that you can buy individual components like this. (sorry) Oh and the cynical part of me says that these things are fitted with the specific intent to make you buy a new machine. But maybe if the thing activated you have another fault in the machine that cannot be fixed also? You'd be annoyed if you replaced it and the same thing happened again. L

I'll make a comment with my solution above. Your cynicism is well placed, but I must say that I've owned this Mr. Coffee for longer than I've been married, and so even if it's designed to be disposable I've gotten my money's worth out of it. As with any fuse or circuit breaker, you reset it once. If it fails again, there's something in the system causing a problem. It's worth $2 to me to try that, before spending $25 or $30 on a new machine.

I have to agree with your logic here....in the past, I have had coffee makers fail, replaced them only to have that one fail soon afterward also.....because, the cart that had an electrical outlet in it that was not rated for that amperage, and some serious arching was going on in the (as I discovered when I tried to unplug the second failed machine) socket that had now melted (I had THOUGHT it was Bakelite material, but I guess not LOL).

Thanks. $10! Heh, it turns out that's about as much as the Best Answer solution (cdubnbird) would have cost -- $1.26 plus $9 UPS shipping.