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Anyone have a simple how to for (1) LED connected to AAA battery with on/off switch? Answered

I need to know how to build a simple single LED powered by a ( AAA battery (with housing) that is also connected to an on/off switch.


Get a small box, just a hair bigger than the battery. Or, get a little single cell battery holder from radioshack. It comes with wire leads too. Connect the short lead of the L.E.D. to the negative side of the battery (in a pinch, tape will do). Connect one side of the switch to the positive side of the battery and the other side to the positive side of the L.E.D.

Thanks ! I'm actually going to use Red ... would that work ok with AAA ?

some will work quite dim some won't at all use a joule thief (see below) to amplify the voltage of the battery connect the switch inline in one of the wires that go to the battery

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You may have trouble lighting a white or blue led with a single AAA. a joule thief is easy to build - this one uses a disposable camera for parts.