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Anyone have an instructable or know how to make a theramin? Answered

I remember seeing theremins on talent shows in the old black and white TV days. Theremins were boxes with a vertical rod and a horizontal rod. The musician played the theremin by moving his hands across the rods without touching them. The sounds produced were were akin to synth music. I suppose one could program a synthesizer to do the same but I want to build a theremin.


By an amazing coincidence, I made a simple theremin-like device the other day when I was experimenting with a PicAxe 08m and an ultrasonic range-finder module. PicAxe, sounder and SRF005 Ultrasonic module are all that are required (plus a bit of programming). It works by measuring the distance to a hand held above it and converts that value into notes. Either full chromatic, or any other scale you wish. I was just testing the range-sensor and it seemed like an obvious application. I'm tied up with other things at the moment so won't do an Instructable for this yet, but let me know if you want more details. You may be after the 'real deal'.

Ah! we come across each other again!

Try here

If you type "theremin" into the I'bles SEARCH box, you get 11 hits, but nothing for a classical theremin. Have you tried a Google search? The very first hit is probably going to be helpful to you.