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Anyone have any experience with KEI Trucks (Mini Trucks)? Answered

I know this isn't really an instructables-type question, but I respect the opinion of a lot of people onn here and wanted to see what people thought.

I'm looking ahead to when I'm ready to get a new vehicle, since KEI trucks are street legal here, and are highly fuel efficient, I was wondering if anyone has any experience driving them on a highway? I put a lot of kms on every day, so highway travel is a must. I know they are good at low speed, but I was concerned about them maintaining say 100-110km/h (62-68mph). Can anyone give me advice on this?

Wondering because price of gas here just hit $1.44/L (approx. $5.44/gallon) and its only going to go up between now and summer...



6 years ago

I just looked at a site to see what they were. Seems they are equipped with a governor to limit the top speed so not really meant for highway.