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Anyone have any ideas on how to weatherproof my dog door? Answered

I have this type of dog door http://petdoorsonline.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_800_Series___Infra_Red_for_Dogs_19.html and every time it rains it leaks. I cannot afford a new door, dog door or afford to build a covering over the door. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



I built my dogs a covered steps with a DOG-BAY window they can sit in
and watch the yard. It covers the entrance and keeps wind and rain and snow out pretty good. I put a string of LED lights in it so the area is lighted when it is dark they can see the stairs. I re-used some old vertical blinds on the stairs to enclose that area.


Where is it leaking?
1. Around the seal between it and the bigger door its attached to?
2. Or is the small plastic dog door that is letting water through?

If its 1, just go around the edges with some duct tape. If its 2, see attached picture.

Dog door roof.jpg

Forgot to mention. Make it out of cardboard, covering it well in duct tape should waterproof it.


6 years ago

I did a google image search for a dog door awning. This may be a bit much... but it may convey the idea.